Kingdom Hearts 3 Hands-on Details

Justin Massongill at the PlayStation Blog is one lucky guy. He went to a hands-on presentation with Kingdom Hearts 3’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, and played a real, working demo of the game. It exists!

Here are some of the details, but there is one important nugget that everyone should be focusing on – the game is being shown to people without Square Enix on their business cards. That is a huge step toward release, and for the tl:dr crowd, there is no release date. We have been promised more info is coming next month, so maybe an E3 announcement at the Sony press conference?

The demo focused on two worlds. The first world was Olympus from Hercules. Sora was fighting a titan, and the scale was huge. The combat is similar to previous titles, but you can switch keyblades using the D-pad. Each will have specific combos and special attacks.

Attractions are the newest special attack. Each one will have a theme based on a ride at Disney’s parks. During the demo, he saw four different attraction attacks, including Big Magic Mountain, a pirate ship, Mad Tea Cups, and a Buzz Lightyear themed attack.

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The second world was based on Toy Story. It is the first Pixar property we have seen in the Kingdom Hearts series. (I really hope Despicable Me makes an appearance at some point. Minions! MINIONS!!!!!) Prepare yourself, kids: Justin said it looks like the movie. The details on the toys are perfect. We don’t yet know if the voices will be perfect, but we can hope.

For more general details, Nomura said the game’s theme will be resolution. It will be darker than previous titles, and the main villain is Xeonhart. We still don’t know exactly how that will impact the story, and something tells us that we should not expect this to be the last Kingdom Hearts game. Just a hunch.

Check out the screenshots and head over to the PlayStation Blog for full details.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 one of your most anticipated games in whatever year it actually manages to release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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