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Kingdom Hearts III Demo Available Now

As part of the Microsoft XO19 event today (and who thought I would ever start a PlayStation article with that sentence?), Square Enix revealed a Kingdom Hearts III demo would be dropping today. At 7.76 GB, you can spend time with beloved characters in two franchises. In Olympus, players can go from zero to hero with Hercules and take on the Rock Titan. For the second part, Buzz and Woody will be your personal tour guides around Galaxy Toys while driving out the Heartless forces.

For anyone who didn’t pick this one up earlier, your progress in the demo will save after the Rock Titan, so you can buy the full version and keep going. To make that transaction an easier choice, there is a sale on Kingdom Hearts III right now on the PlayStation Store. It’s currently priced at $19.79/£18.14.

If you’ve not jumped into Kingdom Hearts III yet, check out our review. It’s by Kyle, our hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan, and it will steer you in the right direction whether you are a longtime fan or just curious about how the legendary series ends.

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