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Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Reveals Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too

Early on in the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, Winnie the Pooh tells Sora he wants them to be together forever. (I want to be with you forever too, Pooh.) If Square Enix’s development time for these games is any indication, it could be forever, but that’s a complaint for a different time.

The Hundred Acre Wood is shown in this trailer, but we get a bit of many worlds. There is a mini-game with flowers while Pooh eats honey, and Sora is shown fighting with the Pooh Keyblade. We also have flashes of gameplay from Tangled, flying through the air with Big Hero 6, and swashbuckling in Pirates of the Caribbean.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the lore over multiple consoles, there is plenty of backstory with robed figures talking about keyblades, friendship, and fighting. (I may need to pick up Kingdom Hearts – The Story So Far after all.)

Kingdom Hearts III is releasing January 29th, and there is another beautiful trailer to watch. In three short months, all of the waiting will finally come to an end. Let’s hope this one was worth the wait.

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