Kingdom Hearts Lives On, New Game Expected Soon

Kingdom Hearts III was surrounded by a lot of hype when it launched last year. But ahead of tomorrow’s update, we’ve just found out that multiple new related projects are in development. So if you thought the third major instalment was the last, or even that you’ll have to wait awhile for the next, you’re mistaken.

In fact, things might be happening sooner than you think.

That’s because its director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that all work on number three has now been completed and a new game will be launching “surprisingly soon”. And who are we to doubt him? After all, he would know and there are now four studios free to make new assets for Kingdom Hearts. It’s as if there hasn’t been a better time to make another cartoon-inspired adventure!

The only thing I’m not certain on is what form said game will take…

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It’s true that it could be a mobile title – but I’m hoping not. It could also be number four in the major releases – but I doubt it; it would be too close to the last. So my guess is it’s a spin-off game that will be released sometime after the PlayStation 5 launches. And thereafter, the next big release – if they still have an appetite for one – can launch, benefiting from the wisdom they’ve gathered from this stepping stone.

It’ll also give Kingdom Hearts III a little longer at market, before being superseded by the next.

There is the worry that none of these proposed projects will be coming to PlayStation at all – old generation or new. But I doubt the team would wish to restrict their potential sales by taking such an unpopular decision. Surely, it’s better to simply capitalise on it all?

Source: Twitter

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