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Kings Canyon Map Will Be Returning to Apex Legends This Weekend

Apex Legends original map, Kings Canyon will be making a come-back this weekend. The announcement was made on the official Apex Legends twitter account. Starting from February 21st until February 24th the OG map will be returning for players to partake in battle. Fall into the Thunderdome, grab a zipline and get shooting!

Besides the Fight or Fright event and Grand Soiree that featured altered versions of Kings Canyon at night-time, this will be the first time players will return to the Kings Canyon since season 2.

In turn, this will be the first time players will be able to use last season character Crypto and current season character Revenant at daylight hours in Kings Canyon.

However, if one weekend isn’t enough, you won’t have to wait long until the map returns. The current season of Apex legends will span over three months. The first half of the season will be in World’s Edge, the map introduced in season 3. But, the second half of the season, players will be returning to Kings Canyon once more from 24th March to 4th May.

Will you be returning to Apex Legends this weekend? Apex Legends is currently in season 4.

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