Knockout City Double XP Weekend is Now Live

EA and Velan Studios have announced that Knockout City will be having a Double XP weekend. Meaning after you finish a contract or finished an online match, you’ll be given double XP for your efforts. This event has already started and will last until 12 pm UTC on Monday.

This is excellent news for existing players as they’ll be able to rank up speedily through the street rank and unlock new goodies for their crew and player cosmetics at a much faster pace.

Although this may not be the greatest news for brand new players, Knockout City is free-to-play until you reach a street rank of 25; therefore, this weekend, you would obtain more XP and potentially hit that street rank level much sooner than expected.

This announcement comes off the back of Velan Studios announcing a few minor changes to the Knockout City ping system. Over on Reddit, the developer went into detail about changes to reduce ping times. The changes in Street Play are not too noticeable, as they will expand the short matchmaking times to find acceptable pings for matches.

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Whereas in League Play, the matchmaking system will focus on skill level, ping, and matchmaking time. Over time, as you wait for an acceptable match, they will expand the skill difference and ping threshold.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our first impressions of Knockout City, spoiler, it was super enjoyable to play.

Will you be playing Knockout City this weekend?

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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