Knockout City is Now Free-To-Play Until You Reach Level 25

The heated dodgeball action is set to continue, as publisher EA has revealed Knockout City will be free-to-play for everyone until a street rank of level 25 is achieved.

From here, Knockout City will need to be purchased for players to resume their dodgeball throwing antics. The block party launch event, which recently ended, was a 10-day free trial that allowed players to gain certain in-game rewards.

This announcement is good news for players who didn’t get the opportunity to play the block party event. Furthermore, Knockout City going in this direction could significantly help gain a bigger player base in the long run and prevent it from falling into the same potholes as Rocket Arena.

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Knockout City now being free to download and play until you hit a street rank level of 25 is certainly an interesting idea, especially as you can experience many features of the game by this point. You can even unlock a whole new outfit for your character when you accomplish a street rank of level 20.

We reviewed the open beta for Knockout City, and it was a total blast to play. Will you now be trying out Knockout City?

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