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Knockout League Brings the Pain to PSVR on March 8th in the UK/Europe

Grab Games has announced today, via the official PlayStation Blog, that Knockout League will finally be releasing on PS4/PSVR this March 8th in the UK and Europe.

The game has already been released in North America where it garnered favourable reviews (ours is here!) so it’s high-time it finally got a release date for other countries.

Knockout League is a love letter to Punch Out! on the old Super Nintendo Entertainment System with its wacky cast of characters and seriously challenging gameplay. But this time you’re in the game, not just watching it on an old-timey TV.

At the time of writing, Knockout League isn’t available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store. And as there was no mention of pricing in the official announcement blog post, we’ve got no idea how much Knockout League will cost you. That being said, we can’t see it being vastly different to the North American release. There might even be some discount for those who buy the game within the game’s opening week. Keep an eye on Pure PlayStation and we’ll let you know when we know more.

Will you be ducking and weaving in Knockout League, or are you more of a lover than a fighter? Touch gloves down in the comments section below.

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