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Koei Tecmo Assures Fans Atelier Ryza 2 Will Not Be Censored in the West

There was a literal dust-up over the last trailer for Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy. If you looked at the version on the PlayStation YouTube channel, there was dust obscuring the bottom half of a character. That same dust was missing from a trailer posted on the Koei Tecmo YouTube channel. (We talked about the comparison here.) Many fans were eyeballing both and assuming the game would be censored. This happened recently with a day one patch to Fairy Tail that left many upset.

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Koei Tecmo made a Twitter post on October 6th to address this controversy head-on and to let fans know the game would not be “censored in the West.” The full message is as follows:

“Message to fans

Despite the differences in Atelier Ryza 2 promotional videos recently shown at TGS, we want to assure fans that the game itself will not be censored in the West. We hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming adventure!”

That’s fantastic news and led to many giving a sigh of relief. No one likes for games to be censored, and, although I don’t have any concrete proof, Sony may be the one pushing for the censorship. Hopefully, this is a sign that we won’t have to worry about this sort of thing on the PS5, but stay vigilant, fans of Japanese games.

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