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Koei Tecmo is Planning a Toukiden 2 Demo for PS Vita

Earlier this month Toukiden 2 publisher Koei Tecmo released a playable demo for the aforementioned game on the Japanese PlayStation Network, much to the dismay of its western fans.

There’s still no demo available here in the west but you can still get access to the demo if you have a Japanese PSN account. If you’re a fan of the PS Vita (who isn’t?!) and also have a Japanese PSN account, you’ll soon be able to give the game a trial run on the little console.

Koei Tecmo has announced on Twitter that it’s working on getting a Toukiden 2 demo for the Vita as soon as possible and that players should be patient until then. Fair enough, really.

Toukiden 2 is due to release in Japan this summer, though there’s no western release date as of yet. Let us hope that changes soon, yeah?

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