Hideo Kojima seems to be ready to roll up his sleeves and start on the next project. I say this because Kojima Productions have just started to advertise many vacancies now that Death Stranding has been released. And that can only mean one thing. But there are no clues within the advertisements suggesting just what this new game could be.

And that’s assuming it’s going to be a game at all…

Programmers, writers and artists are all being sought by the development team. And the roles are based in Tokyo. The Tweet also states in no uncertain terms that they’re “working on a new project”. So, if you’ve got the skills, they might just have the job for you – something that will be in limited supply as Covid continues to take its toll.

You probably won’t understand much of what you’re asked to produce, though.

When it comes to Kojima, you can never be too sure what it is he’s creating. And that’s true even after the media item has been released. But one thing you can guarantee is that it will be the most outlandish, mind-boggling, innovative thing that will release that year. So, this is something to be excited about.

Just don’t expect me to be able to explain it succinctly when it is finally announced; that’s well above my paygrade!

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By Hannah Ellis

Living life one Batmobile chase at a time. When she's not writing about video games, she's writing terrible jokes that even a Christmas cracker would be embarrassed to share.

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