Konami Won’t Be Ready For E3 2021, Leaves Line-up Rather Stretched

E3, in whatever guise, is a staple of the gaming calendar. But one of the biggest publishing companies within the industry has seemingly dropped the ball this year by being unprepared. That’s because Konami has revealed it won’t be attending the virtual event in 2021 as it simply won’t be ready in time and has instead urged fans to await further updates. The question is, updates on what?

I think it’s fair to say that we all look forward to a Konami presentation, especially when it involves that loveable rogue Snake. But unfortunately the company won’t be attending E3 2021 online as it simply won’t be ready in time. Now this may come as a surprise to many, given how periodic the whole event is, but I guess it’s simply another consequence of this pandemic. It has left people wondering, however, just what they were going to show off, though.

I mean, it has not been known in recent years for a stellar AAA release has it?

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However, despite that fact, Konami seems adamant it has a number of projects we should be excited about and excitedly await further updates on – referring to “a number of key projects” in a previous statement for E3. But apart from Pro Evolution Soccer, which was only updated last year, I’m at a loss; maybe Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania were outsourced after all?

Then there’s the whole – apparent – buy out by Sony that no one wants to talk about…

Whatever the truth, this rumour mill won’t stop spinning until we hear something official. And given how it won’t be presenting an address at E3 2021, such confirmation may not come for a few months more at least. In the meantime, we’ll be forced to keep second guessing the company and thinking things up in our stellar minds. At least Ubisoft and Capcom are still attending. For now.

Source: Twitter

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