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Konrad the Kitten Brings Holiday Cheer in Latest Update

Congratulations! You are getting a kitten for Christmas, and this one won’t try to climb your tree. The latest update for Konrad the Kitten adds some festive items for you and your furry pal to enjoy. There is a new interactive bowl of cookies, new music, new decorations, a Christmas tree, and even a santa hat for your kitten. The event lasts until January 5th, but you shouldn’t dawdle. This one only comes around once a year.

Konrad the Kitten is a virtual kitten for you feed, house train, dress up, and love in VR. With multiple mini games, environments, and costumes, you can raise your own cat without the allergies and real clean up. The game even lets you use one of your own plush toys to represent him in the game in an interesting combination of real and VR.

Check out the screenshots for more pictures of Konrad, and jump into the game to experience all the new content until January 5th.

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