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Kratos is Still Angry, But He Has Matured

Who is Kratos after leaving the Greek gods in shambles? According to a new video with Cory Barlog, he is changing. He is still angry, and he’s not a hero. (Thank goodness.) His journey is one to regain some of his humanity, helped by his son, Atreus. Someone should probably warn Atreus that things don’t go according to plan with his dad, but he will figure it out.

The overall idea is that Kratos should be someone different internally by the end of the game, and, for the first time in his life, he is open to that. We can expect a character shaped by wondering the Earth for an unknown amount of time, and that time has enabled him to grow as a person.

Atreus is a physical indicator of his change of heart. Whether that will push Kratos to tear Valhalla apart or try to reason with his enemies before setting them ablaze remains to be seen.

We look forward to digging into the new Kratos on April 20th.

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