E3 2021: Kung Fu Fighter Sifu Showcases New Gameplay Trailer

Sifu, the upcoming Kung-Fu fighting game from the developers of the hugely successful Absolver, has revealed a new gameplay trailer.

The footage showcases the nightclub setting, as our main character invites himself into the club and beats up enemies with beer bottles, a bat and violently smashing someone’s head against a table. But, of course, this is all accompanied by some good old Kung-Fu action.

If you haven’t heard of Sifu, it’s a third-person action game from the developers of Sloclap that centres around a fictional Chinese city. Our Kung-Fu student is thirsty for revenge as a mysterious assassination squad brutally murdered his entire family.

On your conquest, you will rely on your mad fighting skills and a magical pendant that will revive you every time you die. However, there is a catch as every time you die; you will be brought back a little bit older.

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There is no release date for Sifu yet, but the game is set to release later this year on PS5, PS4 and PC.

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