KURIKINTON Arrives in Arcade Archives

Nostalgia glasses at the ready!

HAMSTER Co. has announced that the arcade action game KURIKINRTON will be releasing on both PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch through the downloadable content series by HAMSTER called Arcade Archives.

Arcade Archives is commonly known for their reproduced Arcade classics allowing players to change a variety of game settings such as difficulty, as well as being able to successfully reproduce the atmosphere of playing these retro titles. What’s better than all that is being able to compete against others online to set your high score on the leaderboard.

Once again this is a title I never got to experience when it was first released by TAITO in 1988 as I wasn’t even born yet, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to experience it now and I’m sure many people would love to be able to experience it again – I’m sorry for making you feel old.

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KURIKINTON follows the martial artists of KINTON in their most brutal battles against evil fights, set in a world of both chaos and violence at the end of the millennium. You’ll need to power up the special breathing techniques you have learnt to unleash powerful energy blasts. Master this and you’ll come out on stop as not only a legendary martial artist but have the power to reach the top score.

What’s better than one martial artist? two of course! Just like the classic you can drag along a friend in this action game to defeat evildoers once and for all. Maybe you’ll work as a team or be too busy one-upping each other to get more points, only time will tell.

Arcade Archives KURIKINTON and all of its gooey retro nostalgia is up for grabs when you purchase it on the PlayStation Store for £5.79/$7.99.

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