Langrisser I & II Demo Available Now

If you fancy yourself an armchair strategist or a fan of the originals, the new Langrisser I & II demo can give you the perfect opportunity to test those skills or just to relive a game you played long ago. Langrisser I & II are remakes with the usual visual improvements, and the demo lets you see the classic graphics or the new art. If you are not familiar with the game, let’s dive into what else the demo will have.

This strategy RPG has different units, but the most important is your commander. Starting off, you will have your main character, and they can cast spells, move around the map, attack, and buff the surrounding units. They hire different mercenary squads to take the field, and you’ll generally want to keep them alive and stabbing or casting.

They aren’t completely static either. They will gain experience, and that will unlock new classes for you to select. This also unlocks new skills and further allows you to customize your gameplay. Other commanders can be selected and recruited as you play, giving you more opportunities to pick the right commander for the job at hand.

After being given a view of the level and hiring your mercenaries, combat is familiar but will require some thought if you want to win. The squads move in a grid system, and all units fall into general categories of infantry, spearmen, and cavalry in a rock, paper, scissors style of strengths and weaknesses. There are other more advanced units and with more specialized skills, and deciding how to use or counter them is critical. Watching the terrain bonus or penalty could also give you the upper hand.

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Battlefield strategy is not the only thing you need to carefully consider. You are presented with choices as you play. The trailer specifically mentions whether you choose to kill or spare an enemy. If you spare them, they might join you sometime down the road. Then again, not even your own commanders are always going to like your choices, so watch your back.

Playing the demo gives you some advantages. If you beat the demo, you will receive 5,000 bonus gold and 2 bonus CP for the game at release. If you love it, Langrisser I & II is dropping on March 10 in the US and March 13 in the EU, and there is a limited edition with soundtracks (from both games), visual book, art cards, and collector’s box.

Give the trailer a watch, and you can check out the official site for more info.

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