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UPDATE: Laser Disco Defenders Heading to the PS4

UPDATE: Laser Disco Defenders has been delayed to November 15th. No reason was given for the delay or why it was announced a full fifteen days after its initial release date.

The PlayStation Vita title, Laser Disco Defenders, is making the jump to PlayStation’s younger brother. It will release on October 4th and will cost you £7.99/$9.99. In a 70s inspired space romp, you control the eponymous defenders on a quest to stop the evil Lord Monotone. He wants to control the galaxy by making everyone dance along to his own tune. The twin stick shooter will feature randomly generated levels across three areas, the ability to slow down time and create black holes, entirely customizable characters, online leaderboards, and visuals and sounds inspired by 70s culture. You can check out the game’s funky fresh vibe and gameplay in the trailer below.

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