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Latest AI: The Somnium Files Trailer Puts All the Details Together

There are a lot of great games coming next month, but one of the most interesting has to be AI: The Somnium Files. I’ve been following this one closely, but the latest trailer puts everything into a much easier to digest nutshell. It introduces the cast, explains their relationships, describes your goals, and shows a lot of gameplay. If you really want to understand the game, this is the one to watch.

I don’t want to imply you’ll understand everything. There’s still a blue guy who pops up and other mysteries that will only be revealed in the full game. Unraveling those unknown factors, unmasking secrets, and finding and stopping the Cyclops Serial Killer are part of the detective gameplay. As you can see from the trailer, you’ll be plumbing the mental depths inside other character’s minds to unlock more information and understand every detail.

The game’s story was written by Kotaru Uchikoshi. He wrote the Zero Escape series, and I’m betting he’s going to be delivering another journey through a delightfully strange world. In short, you will be directing Detective Date as he tries to solve a murder case. You’ll be questioning suspects, investigating areas, and diving into minds with the help of your AI, Aiba, located in your eyeball.

Check out the trailer to see all of that for yourself. AI: The Somnium Files will be bringing its neo-noir adventure to the PS4 on September 17th.

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