Latest Bus Simulator 21 Trailer is All About Buses and Brands

Bus Simulator goes for sexy summer vibes in the new brand showcase trailer.

Bus Simulator 21 has a brand new trailer today all about… brands. The latest showcase feature shows off the game’s diverse collection of officially licensed and branded buses from 10 of the biggest and best bus manufacturers.

Below are the buses that will be included in the game at launch, and at the bottom of the page, you’ll find the ravey new trailer.

Alexander Dennis Ltd.:

  • Enviro200 (city bus)
  • Enviro500 (double decker)

Blue Bird:

  • SIGMA 12m (city bus)


  • BYD eBus 12m (electric bus)
  • BYD eBus 18m (articulated electric bus)


  • IVECO BUS Urbanway 12m (city bus)
  • IVECO BUS Urbanway 18m (articulated bus)

Grande West:

  • Vicinity 30ft (city bus)
  • Vicinity 35ft CNG (city bus)


  • Lion’s City (city bus)
  • Lion’s City CNG (articulated bus)
  • Lion’s City city bus (city bus)
  • Lion’s City G (articulated bus)
  • Lion’s City L (city bus)
  • Lion’s City M (city bus)
  • Lion’s City 18 (articulated bus)


  • Citaro (city bus)
  • Citaro K (city bus)
  • Citaro G (articulated bus)
  • CapaCity (articulated bus)
  • CapaCity L (articulated bus)
  • eCitaro (electric bus)
  • eCitaro G (articulated electric bus)


  • Citywide LF 12m (electric bus)


  • Setra S 412 UL (interurban bus)
  • Setra S 416 LE business (interurban bus)
  • Setra S 417 UL business (interurban bus)
  • Setra S 418 LE business (interurban bus)


  • 7900 Electric
  • 7900 Electric (articulated bus)

Bus Simulator 21 will feature two huge maps at launch, including the series’ first American city map, Angel Shores.

Peep this:  Bus Simulator 21 Brings the Funk With New Multiplayer Trailer

You’ll be able to go through the series’ familiar single-player career mode as well as multiplayer co-op modes so that you and your mates can go bussing together, because friends who bus together, stay together. Right?

Bus Simulator 21 will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on September 7th, 2021.

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