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Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.11 Suggests Free Trial is Coming Soon

For those who still haven’t tried the best Multiplayer shooter in virtual reality, the latest patch for Firewall Zero Hour has some good news. Firewall Zero Hour update version 1.11, which just went live yesterday, suggests a time-limited Trial version is on its way. We don’t have a confirmation on the date of the Trial, but deductive reasoning suggests an upcoming weekend as a prime opportunity.

It was a small patch, and the sparse notes suggest that they didn’t include any other fixes or additions. If you don’t believe us, check out the official patch notes:

Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.11 Patch Notes

  • Game now supports release as a time-limited Trial version. During the time-limited Trial, no trophies are awarded and real-money transactions are disabled in the in-game store (for trial users only.)

That’s it. Unfortunately, we are all still waiting for First Contact Entertainment to fix the host migration problem and a few other issues. Despite those complaints, however, Firewall Zero Hour still managed to break into the Pure PlayStation Game of the Year list at number four, and here’s hoping that this upcoming time-limited Trial brings in a horde of new contractors for the Pure PlayStation Firewall crew to shoot in the face.

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