Latest Little Hope Trailer is a Choose Your Adventure (or Disaster)

The latest trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is the perfect bite-sized taste of what makes these games so much fun. It starts with a quick word from The Curator about how you’ll have to make a choice, and we see the new indicator to the player that a choice is coming.

That choice branches out and ripples through the rest of the narrative. The first fork in the road is whether you will play as Angela or as Andrew. The actor who plays Andrew, Will Poulter, said that Angela was awesome, so that’s the way I chose at first. Angela is in a lot of trouble. Something ugly is approaching her, and the next choice asks you to do something. Time is ticking away, and you need to choose. As one of the paths shows, there are always repercussions.

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I won’t spoil the results of either path, but it’s a great demo for the branching storytelling Little Hope will offer. If you like a good scare and want to see more of Little Hope, give the trailer(s) a watch. You can play the full game with more of these nail-biting decisions on October 30th.

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