Latest PS5 Update 21.01-30.10.00 Out Now to Improve System Performance

The updates for the PS5 keep coming as Sony works behind the scenes to keep the console ticking over nicely for players. The latest is system software 21.01-30.10.00, but what does it do?

The latest update for the PS5 is out today and it’s version 21.01-30.10.00. What does the new update do?Outside of taking up almost a gigabyte of previous SSD space, not much. The patch notes tell the simple story of a console getting a regular update to improve performance. It used to be that these updates improved stability, but after years of memes about Sony’s consoles being able to withstand a 9.4 earthquake due to the amount of extra stability in the systems, the wording of these update was changed. Shame. No fun, Sony.

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PS5 Firmware Update Version 21.01-30.10.00 Patch Notes

  • This system software update improves system performance.

And that’s all there is to it. Another gigabyte sacrificed to the performance Gods. Fingers crossed it was worth it.

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