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Latest PSN Deals: North American GTA Sale, PS Vita Collection Bundle, GTA V and More

A new week means a new sale on the North American PlayStation Store. Last week we sold our dog to fund our filthy LEGO habit, and this week we’re flogging our hamsters to pay for all the GTA games we don’t need and probably won’t play.

The new sale this week is all about Rockstar’s seminal franchise, Grand Theft Auto. Just about every game has been discounted in the new sale, though there are a few oddities in there. For one, the three GTA games that released on the PSP have been repackaged as the ‘Grand Theft Auto PS Vita Collection’ when they aren’t even Vita games. Sure, you can play them on the Vita, but it’s a bit sly to sell them as if they’re proper Vita games. Tut, tut.

The full list of discounts can be found through here on the PlayStation Store web store.

There’s also a bunch of SEGA ¬†and other games on sale, too, just in case murder/death/kill simulation isn’t your thing.

A good sale, or are you not having any of it? Which family pet/member will you be selling to fund this week’s binge? Give us a shout down in the comments below.

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