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Lawbreakers Developer Shuts Its Doors

The studio behind the failed multiplayer shooter, Lawbreakers, has closed its doors. The studio head, Cliff Bleszinski (better knows as Cliffy B) posted the announcement over on his personal Twitter account.

The short statement explains that Lawbreakers just wasn’t able to gain the player base it needed, and that the studio’s next endeavour – a Battle Royale game for PC called Radical Highs – came too late in the day to save the firm. The full statement can be found down below:

It’s a shame, but that’s the tough world of video games. I admire Cliffy B’s efforts, and the rest of us here at Pure PlayStation hopes that everyone involved doesn’t suffer from the closure of Boss Key Productions.

It’s not a surprise, really. Lawbreakers came to the hero-shooter party far too late. Nobody was willing to switch away from Overwatch. Then Radical Highs released on Steam as an Early Access game, but not to critical acclaim. The studio was accused of once again chasing the current trend rather than doing something to stand out from the crowd.

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