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Leaked Godfall Gameplay Isn’t PS5 Footage, Detailed Look Coming “Soon”

At the time of writing, we only really know of one PS5 game, and that’s the Gearbox-published Godfall which has been confirmed to be releasing on PS5 and PC later this year.

Given that it’s the only confirmed game at the moment, it’s expected that any and all information about the game will be met with extreme levels of hype. The internet went nuts for a six-second clip that leaked recently and then went mental for the full minute-long gameplay trailer that was leaked yesterday. It’s fair to say, then, that we are hungry. Starving, even, for next-gen info. It’s just a shame, then, that what we’ve been fed by leakers isn’t exactly what we wanted.

According to Godfall developer, the footage that leaked yesterday wasn’t even PS5 footage but was, in fact, a year-old internal presentation running on PC. The developer has also said that it is looking forward to showing fans just how far along the game has come since and that we’ll be getting a more detailed look at Godfall soon.

So there you have it. That leak wasn’t PS5 footage, and now we’re left hungrier than before. It shouldn’t be too long until we’re being fed troughs of next-gen goodness, though, as it has been suggested that Sony will hold a PlayStation Meeting sometime in February to officially reveal the PS5, and with it a whole load of games.

Source: Twitter

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