RUMOR: Leaked PS5 Devkit Interface Looks Familiar and Storage Space is Small

I missed this one, so maybe you did too. It’s a rumor. We can’t trust them, but we love them.

PlayStation Universe is reporting a rumor posted to Reddit from 4chan (hey, where you goin’?) that shows the UI from an alleged PS5 devkit. The design is similar to the PS4. There are horizontal tiles with a dropdown menu for info, news, and add-ons. (DLC confirmed for the PS5!) The thing that’s sending people into a fluster about this latest screenshot is that it shows the icon for the Decima Engine. This is the tech behind Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding and will most likely be the engine for some future titles on the PS5.

That’s a lot of things coming together to lend credence to this latest rumor. Tiles aren’t a surprise since it’s a slight evolution of what we have now. The Decima logo makes sense, because you don’t throw a good engine to the curb just because you jump into next-gen. Not a programmer, but it makes business sense.

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The other thing we see from here is that the devkit has a 1 TB hard drive. That may have many queuing the sad trombones because we have current games taking as much as 150 GB. If you throw the OS on there, a few games, and patches, there’s not a lot of room left. The other side of that is SSDs are still relatively expensive compared to traditional storage. If there is some ultra-fast custom solution in the PS5, it could be more expensive than normal. Sony is trying to keep the price of the console below some internal target to be competitive. Even without a true PS5 reveal, no one should be surprised to hear that they’ll need to replace or add another hard drive at some point as we do now.

Until we have that reveal and info dump, let your speculation run wild. I’ll post the picture at the bottom, and you can draw your own conclusions.

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