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Learn All About Overpass and Its Features in New Director Commentated Gameplay Video

Overpass is coming to PS4 later this year, but before it finally does skid and slide onto our hard drives, it’s worth brushing up on some general knowledge. This is where Zordix Racing Development Director Joakin Eriksson comes in handy, as the chap has lent his larynx to a new gameplay video for Overpass.

In the new video which is embedded up above, Eriksson explains the gameplay features while he has a go at throwing his Wildcat Sport LTD from Arctic Cat around, and it’s a decent watch if you’ve got a few minutes with nothing else to do.

I briefly saw Overpass at E3 2019, and although I wasn’t able to play the game due to technical problems, it looked nice enough and it’s definitely a different kind of racer. Definitely one to look out for if you’re a racing fan looking to take your wheelman skills off-road.

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