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Learn How to Attack and Defend in Upcoming PSVR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour

There’s no shortage these days of first-person shooters for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, but I guess the real shortage is in quality. There’s a fair few stinkers out there, but there’s also some top-tier experiences to bed had. One hoping to make it to the latter list is First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour. 

The game is a tactical first-person shooter, not unlike Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. Actually, it’s pretty much Siege in VR. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with copying a great idea, so long as it turns out decently and there are a few twists to the formula.

Firewall Zero Hour will pit teams of four players against each other across various game modes. Something players will need to learn is that Firewall Zero Hour is not simply Call of Duty in VR. Tactics are needed in order to succeed, and you’re no good if you’re going to run solo. You’ll need to learn when to attack, as well as when to defend.

The game’s developers have put out a couple of new gameplay videos that are basically pre-release tutorials. There’s the attacking video up above, and then there’s the defending video down below. Both are well put together and offer some genuinely helpful tips, so if you’re looking to get a head start on the battlefield, they’re definitely worth a watch.

Firewall Zero Hour will release on August 28th, exclusively for PS4/PSVR. You can pre-order your copy here from Amazon.

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