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Learn More about Nier in a 29 Minute Video

Nier: Automata is the latest crazy action title from Platinum Games, and PlayStation Underground has dropped an extended look at the game with answers and commentary from two Square Enix representatives.

If you did not know, this is an open-world action game and you are an android fighting other machines for your human overlords on the Moon. Somebody forgot to recycle, and the whole world is a post-apocalyptic mess. Utilizing a sword and some incredibly stylish combo moves, you will be making the world safe for humanity again.

The game incorporates RPG elements and offers plenty of quests from hubs in the game. As you level up, you become harder to kill with additional hit points and defense, but you also can gain new skills to show those Skynet rejects they messed with the wrong ‘droid.

Since this is a Platinum game, the combat and movement are important areas of focus. You will be able to dual wield weapons, and you can switch between four different types. Switching weapons can even help you charge your attack. The movement looks to be fluid with air slides and super speed, and it aims to make you look amazing every time you swing your sword.

Eventually, even the most nimble-fingered gamer will meet the mechanical grim reaper. When you die, you are uploaded into a new body and sent back into the fight. You can recover or even repair your body. If your body is corrupted (we corrupt our bodies with ice cream), you will have to fight it and gain an extra bonus if you win.

Nier: Automata will release March 7th, and it is another premium title releasing in the early part of 2017. If this keeps up, will there be anything left for the 4th quarter?

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