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Learn the Language of Storytelling in The Sinking City

Do you ever wonder how developers translate the ideas and concepts from paper (computer or white board?) to the screen? The answer is hard work, of course, but it needs to be in a way that anyone can understand and interpret. For that, the developers of The Sinking City look to examples from film in visual storytelling.

A new trailer for The Sinking City has the lead animator and cinematic artist talking about the process. Putting certain colors or objects in the frame, the angle, and making sure the player sees what you want are all important.

The use of light is also critical. They show a scene in which a strongly lit background is juxtaposed with a very dark foreground. This communicates information to the player and can be used to subvert expectations and surprise you.

I love trailers like this, because I am interested in the process of making games. What choices did developers make that resulted in what I see on screen? How is that information given to me as I play? Is there a sacrifice for one choice or another?

Check out the trailer for some of those answers and be ready to venture into The Sinking City on March 21st, 2019.

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