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Leave a Mark in Tokyo Tattoo Girls

Over the weekend, NIS America had a press event in San Francisco. The company best known for the Disgaea series is bringing a ton of games to the Vita this year, and one of them is all about girls and tattoos.

In the strategy game, Tokyo Tattoo Girl, the city of Tokyo has had some kind of cataclysm that isolates it from the world. As we have seen from the future documentary, The Walking Dead, when the world goes down the toilet, people form gangs and tribes and sometimes adorn their feminine baseball bats with barbwire.

The survivors separate the city into 23 parts, each ruled by a powerful leader known as a Kumi. All of the Kumi form the greater governing body known as the Union. To add more fun after being cut off from all of humanity, some of the survivors have been given tattoos that bestow special powers. The only tattoo powers we have seen is the inability to be hired at an office with a face tattoo.

The city is understandably unpleasant, so you and your choice of female companions will have to defeat every Kumi in order to escape from the city. As you progress through the game, you will even be able to give your favorite lady some additional body art with new powers. For some authenticity, the art for the tattoos will be designed by an actual tattoo artist, Koji Tanaka.

With some reservations, we like our Vitas, and we like the opportunity for unique experiences. Love them or hate them, NIS America is one of a handful of companies keeping the Vita from permanently going into a dark and lonely closet.

Tokyo Tattoo Girls is scheduled for release later this year.

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NIS America's Press Release, PlayStation Blog

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