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Left Alive Gameplay is Full of Mechs and Choices in New Trailer

There is a new trailer for Left Alive today, and it drops some real gameplay. In roughly two and a half minutes, we see all the dangers in Novo Slava. It’s not called a war zone for nothing. There are enemy soldiers to kill, innocent civilians to rescue, and the awesome firepower of mechs at your command.

There are also meaningful choices in your encounters. One of the options in the trailer lets you decide your response when a soldier is pointing a gun in your face as you try to defend someone. You see two different outcomes, and it looks like there will be plenty of surprises depending on which way you decide to go. There is also the option of stealth vs blasting away with grenades and a hail of bullets. If they can balance it right, that should allow you to mix things up when the poop hits the fan, instead of being penalized for either approach.

Left Alive appears to be a mix several different genres. We have the ability to make choices with plenty of drama in the trailers, so there is a focus on story. We have guns and action with the choice for stealth and strategy. We also have hot mech-on-mech combat from some of the people behind Metal Gear (Yoji Shinkawa), Armored Core (Toshifumi Nabeshima), and designs from Takayuki Yanase (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Ghost in the Shell: Arise).

The story will center around three different protagonists from different parts of life and experience. Although the stories will mesh into one, there will be separate missions and choices for each. It really sounds like a tale of war from three different perspectives. It’s a cool idea if they can get it right.

We’ll know for sure when Left Alive comes to the PS4 on March 5th.

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