Lego Harry Potter Collection Ready To Cast Its Spell On You

Lego Harry Potter Collection Ready To Cast Its Spell On You

If you are avoiding a certain large release, because you prefer to fight with wands, you probably are already playing the Lego Harry Potter Collection that released today, exclusively for the PS4. For everyone else, it includes games for years 1-4 and years 5-7. You will be able to venture through all of Harry’s magical time at Hogwart’s and finally defeat Voldem…er, He Who Shall Not Be Named. The game will also include a character pack and a spell pack DLC.

If you have never played a Lego game, they are normally very clever and funny. With a rating usually appropriate for younger children, they can actually be fun for the family. We have posted the launch trailer. If this sounds like your cup of tea, cast accio at your nearest game store to pick it up.

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