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LEGO Harry Potter Collection Will Cast a Spell on PS4… Probably

Good old Brazil. Not only is the fine nation hosting this year’s Olympics,  it’s also putting out some pretty decent leaks, too.

The Brazilian ratings board has rated the LEGO Harry Potter Collection for PS4. We imagine this’ll consist of both games bundled into one package – so all seven years of Harry Potter;s adventures in one go. Not a bad idea, we say.

You’re probably wondering why Warner Bros. would bother putting together such a collection, but we reckon we’ve got it figured out: with the resurgence of interest in Potter-lore thanks to a new movie this year and a new stage production being hailed a masterpiece, what better time than now to make a few extra coins off of the brand?

Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce the collection, though we reckon this one’s a dead-cert.

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