LEGO Worlds Delayed Until March

LEGO Worlds Delayed Until March

LEGO Worlds, previously billed for release on February 21, will now be launching in March. Though a date is yet to be confirmed, March 7 is being batted around online.

The Minecraft-esque game sounds like a godsend to parents worldwide as there are no physical bricks to step on; feet everywhere rejoice. And it has garnered a lot of interest from old and young, though fans are wary that it could transpire to be a micro-transaction goldmine for the company, selling niche packs in a similar manner to its physical business model.

What we do know is players will use “bricks” to build almost anything they can think of in this sandbox game, either solo or with friends via local co-op and online multiplayer.

The game will retail at $30, but is available as an Early Access version for $15.

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