Let It Die Tops 2 Million Downloads, Kevin Smith Makes a Let’s Play

Let It Die Tops 2 Million Downloads, Kevin Smith Makes a Let’s Play

Uncle Death is sure to be grinning today, as Suda51’s development studio Grasshopper Manufacture have announced that 2 million players across the world have downloaded their free to play action game Let It Die. If that news is a bit too mundane for you, how about this; Jay and Silent Bob Director Kevin Smith has made a let’s play video of the game which you can check out above. Watch as the veteran comedy Director quips, dies, and stomps those meddling health pickups! 

Let It Die came as a welcome surprise to many PS4 gamers. The death loving, free to play, action hack and slash released to little fanfare at the back end of last year. The milestone of 2 million worldwide downloads, however, suggests that it has been quietly gathering a following since its release. Of course, the numbers make no mention of concurrent logins so it’s difficult to gauge how much of that audience has stuck with the game in the long term. The developer is celebrating the news with a limited time in-game event from the 16th to the 23rd of February. Players who login during this time will receive a free ‘Death Metal’ (a form of in-game currency) and can expect extra rewards for bringing R&D blueprints to their waiting room and triple premium decal rates when purchasing from the mushroom club.

Let It Die is available now on PS4 as a free download from the PlayStation Store, so apart from the 40gb+ download size, there’s nothing to stop you being customer 2,000,001. Are you a long time player? A new entrant to the tower of barbs? Give us your take on the game down in the comments!

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