Let’s Sing Queen Update 1.03 Adds Singstar Mic Support

Let’s Sing Queen Update 1.03 Adds Singstar Mic Support

The fabulous Let’s Sing Queen on PS4 has received an update today, version 1.03, that allows for the use of the Singstar microphones, should you have any lying around that you want to use.

Up until now, the official Let’s Sing mics and smartphones were the best ways to belt out the classic Queen hits, but now you can use your Singstar mics after the latest update. Hand if you’ve got them, not so much if you don’t. They’re not essential, mind you, and the Let’s Sing app is still the most convenient way to play.

I recently had the chance to review Let’s Sing Queen and while I was bummed over the lack of recording functions, I still had a great time with the game. My neighbours didn’t, and they’ll continue to be terrorised by chorus’ of “mamaaaaaaaa, oooooooh, oooooooh, ooooooooh” from now until New Year’s.

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