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Lewis Hamilton Named as Gran Turismo Sport In-game Mentor

Gran Turismo Sport has just closed its Beta, which can only be described as a success after over one million players took part. But there is one thing that Polyphony Digital managed to keep under wraps. In a YouTube video released earlier today, three-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton was named as an in-game mentor.

His exact involvement is yet to be disclosed, but considering he is currently ahead in the championship and on his way to a fourth title, any tips and tricks can only be a good thing. He has been described, however, as “the mentor and Maestro who will lead and guide the players” through his “driving footage, theories and episodes.” As he was missing from the Beta programme we can only assume that he will be added prior to release, with the feature used as a marketing detail.

It also talks of him setting reference times, the videos to which will be available for your own perusal. Or should we say memorisation and imitation?

The video above shows Hamilton driving alongside Gran Turismo producer, Kazunori Yamauchi. He is open in his advice, mostly on how to take those pesky corners. Afterall, there is a lot to learn: apex, heel and toe, early or late turn ins. Unfortunately only the German and French videos have been uploaded to the popular video sharing site, but the English video can be found over on the PlayStation Blog.

Gran Turismo Sport has been under quite a bit of scrutiny recently due to its lack of career mode and limited car selection. But post-launch content has been teased in an attempt to attract buyers who may be on the fence, or threatening a rebuke to rivals Project Cars 2. And now they have managed to secure the involvement of one of the most popular and infamous drivers in the motorsports world, pre-orders may be on the up.

Did you take part in the Beta? Did it put the turbo in your charger? Are you The Stig or more a stick in the mud? Comment below.

Lewis Hamilton

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