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Life is Strange: Episode 1 Will Be Free on PS4, PS3 Tomorrow

In an effort to entice players into Sqaure Enix’s episodic drama/thriller, Life is Strange, the game’s developers have announced over on the PlayStation Blog that the first episode of the five-part series will be given away for free on PS4 and PS3 tomorrow.

There’s no twist and there’s no catch, and better yet, you don’t even need to be a PlayStation Plus member to get your hands on the freebie. Obviously, the idea behind giving away the first chapter for nothing is that you’d get hooked to the narrative and want to see it through by buying the rest of the episodes. It’s something that’s actually becoming quite common place with episodic games, especially with Telltale’s 4000+ games currently out and about.

While we may see it as just a marketing ploy it’s still nice to get something for nothing, and it’s even better when the content is top-notch, a-la Life is Strange.

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