Life Simulator Monster Loves You Now Available on PlayStation 4

Life Simulator Monster Loves You Now Available on PlayStation 4

Travel back to your childhood fears of monsters, but instead you control that very monster’s actions through Monster Loves You. In fact, you live the life of a monster from birth to adulthood and possibly beyond. The simulator will present choices and options that can be responded to in a number of ways from the view of the monster. You can reply in violence, sincerity, or with cleverness to any number of situations that present themselves. Naturally, as your creature grows older the decisions will become more complex. Along the way you’ll gain stats based on your choices that influence the gameplay and directly effect which of theĀ fourteen endings you’ll receive.

Monster Loves You is developed by Radial and Dejobaan Games and can be purchased right now on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. It originally released on Steam in 2013 to mostly positive reviews. You can check out the game’s trailer above to get a feel for what dilemmas your monster self will face.


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