Liftoff: Drone Racing Brings High Intensity Quadcopters to the Console This Year

Drones seem to be the talk of the town. They do everything from catching someone cheating on a spouse to delivering packages for Amazon. Little did I know, they are also used in racing competitions, and you can experience that in Liftoff: Drone Racing. This sim hopes to cater to the pro who wants to stay sharp and the beginner who doesn’t want to break a new, fancy quadcopter that cost hundreds of dollars.

Every pilot can customize their racer, and they don’t have to have any experience to begin. There are licensed parts and frames for you to build the racer of your dreams, and differing modes for you to get yourself into the air. There is even an assisted mode that can help the least nimble and most accident-prone player gain their pilot’s license.

The CEO of astragon Entertainment (publisher) Julie Pfiffer had this to say about the upcoming title:

“Liftoff: Drone Racing will give drone enthusiasts on consoles the chance to experience everything the thrilling quadcopter racing universe has to offer from cooperations with established licence partners to exhilarating races.”

The game has “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, and that’s where I’d tell you to check for a more realistic version of the visuals. I’m attaching a teaser trailer for consoles, but, like a lot of teasers, it’s not actual gameplay. It’s not a problem, but gameplay is king. Speaking of, you can see the game in action for yourself at PAX East in Boston at the end of next month.

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They may divulge the official release date at PAX. For now, we only know we’ll be racing drones sometime this year.

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