Light Gun Gaming is Coming Back on November 1st With the MARS System for PS4

Did you think light gun games died? Oh, honey, you were so wrong. Well, you were actually right. They did die out long ago and were replaced by the inferior Nintendo Wii for a while, and then the PS Move had a go at it, and finally, we all settled on VR being the best option to wield a not-real gun in a video game.

One company didn’t get that memo, and instead of slapping on a headset and calling it a day, they set out to create a new light gun system for modern consoles. Why? Because why the hell not? VR is great, but it’s not really couch co-op friendly; it’s a far more isolating experience. At least with light gun games, you can play with others locally.

The company behind the MARS light gun system, PDP, has announced that it will be releasing its new product on November 1st, with the MARS Starter Pack being the opening bundle. Each starter pack comes with one LIGHTCON (lightgun), and IR STATION (the camera that tracks your gun), and one of three games. On launch day there will be three games available, and as part of the bundle, you’ll be able to pick one of the three. The games are:

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What’s more, each of the games will be available to buy separately from the PlayStation Store/Microsoft Store (it’s also coming to Xbox One) for $19.99 each. Cheap and cheerful, then.

I might have poked a bit of fun at the MARS light gun system before, but honestly, I can see this being a nice party experience for those not quite ready to invest in VR. Plus, kids can have a play of it without the risk of ruining a $400 headset. Win-win, I say.

The MARS Starter Pack bundle will retailer for $99.99, and will be available on November 1st, 2019. You can pre-order your bundle directly from PDP and receive a special pre-order bonus of an additional LIGHTCON controller.


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