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Limited Run Games Announce Seven New Releases Coming Soon

Limited Run Games has been a busy bee, with the announcement of seven new titles due for release.

Pang Adventures

Pang Adventures is a “beloved collection” of arcade games from the 90s where you are tasked with helping two brothers save the human race from an alien invasion. “Attack balls” are threatening the world’s landmarks and you must use your wit to save the world. The original series has been improved upon with local co-op, 3 ball-popping modes and new weapons but still holds that original spirit. In addition to more than 100 levels, this edition introduces boss fights to the series. Get ready to kick some alien commanders’ butt.


This auto-running, side-scrolling platformer sees you jumping, kicking and sliding your way to the end of the level. Forget tracking lives, instead you return to a checkpoint mid way through the level or after a boss fight. And if you like a challenge, you can even shoot (literally, from a cannon) for a perfect+ level score.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

You are hot on the heels of a demonic-sword thief in this samurai feel action title. Slice your way through arenas filled with robots and monsters, using combos and dive kicks to inflict certain death.


This is another man vs alien story but this time you’re the pilot of a X-Breed robot, a killing machine designed to destroy the swarms of enemy. Armed with your sword, laser cannon and shield system, you must work your way through the six stages and save mankind (again).

The Bit Trip

Experience all six games of this award-winning, auto-running, music and rhythm series. This tough as nails challenger will leave you in tears, though you can toggle the difficulty if you want  need to.


This is a turn-based strategy game, complete with dice and cannibalism. Yes, you read that correctly; dice. You are in charge of man’s first mission to Mars after a mysterious signal is detected. Obviously disasters and dangers loom as you fight to defy the odds and survive.


As if racing on one track isn’t bad enough, Drive!Drive!Drive! challenges you to drive on three at the same time. But you can only control one at a time, and when you’re not in control a computer takes over. But the computer is dumb, as are the AI competitors. But it’s on purpose. But!But!But!

The games are expected to release throughout March and April, with the normal batch sizes running between 3,000 and 5,000 units.

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