Lince Works Teases Aragami DLC/Update

Lince Works Teases Aragami DLC/Update

The stealth game known as Aragami was a great debut for developer Lince Works. You can read our review of the title here to find out why. Now two months later after the successful release, their Twitter account has teased some potential DLC or an update. The video they released featured a person similar to the main hero of Aragami but with obvious differences (read cat ears and whiskers). Then it shows a quick second of gameplay footage where this new character or costume takes out an archer guard. You can view it for yourself below.

The tagline, “Something new hides in the shadows,” hints at forthcoming DLC or new content by way of update. We’ll keep you in the know as we learn more and let us know what you think about Aragami getting some new additions.

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