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Little Dragons Cafe Almost Didn’t Have Any Dragons

In a trailer posted over the weekend, Little Dragons Cafe director, Yasuhiro Wada, has a brief but honest chat about the origins of his upcoming game. The casual conversation appears to have been recorded while at dinner with 7’Scarlet director and writer, Tomio Kanazawa.

Wada reveals that dragons weren’t a part of the original concept. His idea was focused around the cafe and spending time with the unique customers. The overall player experience was meant to be very relaxing.

After thinking about the game for a while, he asked Kanazawa for his thoughts, and Kanazawa’s response was blunt. He called the game idea “bland”. Initially put off by the criticism, Wada wanted something relatable for everyone, so eventually he settled on dragons. I am paraphrasing here, but he likes Puzzles and Dragons and Dragon Quest. Raising a dragon seemed like a good fit for his game.

The most telling moment in the trailer is what he discovered about his own philosophy of game design. He realized that he puts half of his ideas into a game and half of the ideas are what he thinks the people who play his games will like. Even though they are uniquely his games, he wants everyone to play them.

This is only episode one of the making of Little Dragons Cafe, but it is a marked difference from the choices that other companies are making. (That’s not a criticism, just an observation.) Instead of a giant stage or flashy visuals, it’s just Yasuhiro Wada talking about his game over a meal. From what I have seen of him in trailers like these and experiencing some of his ideas in his games, it’s a perfect presentation choice that seems to fit the unassuming man perfectly.

You can begin your relaxing customer service career with a little dragon raising on the side in Little Dragons Cafe on August 24th.

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