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Little Dragons Cafe Marketing is Very Cute

Aksys Games sent us a special delivery filled with some promotional materials for their games and the upcoming Little Dragons Café in particular. If you love cute games, this is something to put on your radar.

First, I need to give you a disclaimer. For transparency, this is not a sponsored post. We don’t do them. We have not been asked us to say anything specific. Any opinions are my own (as is the terrible photography). Although I am squarely in their target market for some of these games, I am free to say anything I want, and I will. With that out of the way, let’s dive into it.

Since Aksys Games is one of only a few publishers who takes the time and effort to bring some of Japan’s games to the West, I generally pay attention to its games. They are generally a mix of visual novels, RPGs, fighting games, and otome visual novels.

Even if you have never heard of Aksys Games, you have probably already played or heard about some of its big titles. They include the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series and the Zero Escape games. You have probably played them on a PS Vita at some point, because they are also one of the only companies to still keep Sony’s forgotten handheld on life support.

Enough delay! What’s in the box?!?!? The contents contain everything a growing gamer needs. To celebrate, they have included a pair of chopsticks, a small bento box with little marshmallow filled sushi rolls, and little gummi yakisoba noodles among other items. If I’m honest, the gummi sushi is good, but it goes downhill from there. The gum drops are just bad.


Other than a flash drive with some trailers and game info, there is also an apron with the Little Dragons Café logo on it. It won’t be replacing a nicer apron you may already have, but it is a decent fit for a somewhat obese writer who enjoys the eating more than the cooking.

For those who don’t know, Little Dragons Café is the newest game from Yasuhiro Wada. He is best known for the Harvest Moon series, so that gives you a small idea of what to expect.

The story follows a twin brother and sister who are operating a small café. Their mom is trying to teach them how to cook. One day they discover that mom has decided to take the deepest nap ever. While the twins are worried about being able to wake her up, an old man appears (don’t they always?) to let them know that they need to raise a dragon if they are ever going to rouse mommy dearest.

In addition to feeding and caring for the dragon, they will have to manage the family business alone. You will need to make new recipes to become a better cook and find new ingredients. Farming you own land and growing your vegetables will enable you to feed your hungry customers.

Those patrons will eat your food, but they will need your help outside the café as well. Becoming a pillar of the community makes people happier, and it makes you more popular. That is something any budding restauranteur needs.

Little Dragons Café will be coming to the PS4 on August 24th, and we have a cute little trailer that shows you flying around on your new dragon friend.

Do you want something a little sooner? Check out Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk coming to the PS Vita on June 29th. It’s a visual novel from Idea Factory and Otomate about a girl with a red eye. Red-eyed girls aren’t all that welcome in her town, so she pretends to be a boy and lives in a rundown tower outside town.

There will be side stories to unlock and multiple endings as you may find romance or (as anyone who has ever played one of these knows) an ending that is much less happy.

If all this talk of visual novels has you itching for something now, you can play 7’scarlet for the PS Vita. (You may have to play the game to really understand how to pronounce it.) The story focuses on a young woman as she is searching for her lost brother.

She and her friend go to the town of Okune-zato to solve the mystery by interrogating residents in this strange town that has its own share of local legends. The choices you make will also lead you to different endings with plenty of suspense and maybe even some romance.

That’s all we have in our box for now. Let us know which games excite you the most. Please also drop some suggestions for good visual novels in the comments in case anyone wants to jump into one for the first time or is a seasoned pro looking for the next twist and turn.

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