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Little Dragons Cafe Was Made to Cheer You Up

The second trailer for the making of Little Dragons Cafe dropped, and it focuses on the character designs by Igusa Matsuyama. For reference, he worked with Wada on Harvest Moon, so the relationship goes back quite a few years. Despite being friends and talking about potential projects (including a desire to make mobile games), Little Dragons Cafe is the first time they have worked together in ten years.

Filmed at the same dinner as the first trailer, Wada reveals he was hesitant to partner with Matsuyama on Little Dragons Cafe. The trailer doesn’t tell us why, but maybe (pure speculation here) it was because Wada had stayed with consoles and Matsuyama was going to push into mobile games. Either way, Tomio Kanazawa (director of 7’Scarlet) pushed him to partner with Matsuyama on Little Dragons Cafe. It’s clear Wada respects Kanazawa a great deal, and he is very happy that he listened to his friend.

Once again, this seems to be some odd candor from a game company or designer. We don’t normally see how the gaming sausage is made or hear about doubts from the developer, so I am fascinated. I find the openness and sincerity very refreshing.

With that in mind, I shouldn’t be surprised when we are told the purpose of Little Dragons Cafe. Towards the end, Yasuhiro Wada tells us that Little Dragons Cafe was made to cheer you up. It releases on August 24th in NA and September 21st in Europe, so you will be able to see then if it helps your mental state or just makes your wallet lighter.

Finally, our friends at Aksys Games sent over some additional promotional materials we wanted to share. As we have said in the past, we show what we receive, because we want you to know. We never agree to or allow something to influence our reviews or opinions. If we are honest with you, you can make your own decisions, and we trust our readers.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to see these?

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