Live a Medieval Tale in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The latest trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance shows off its world and story. With over one million words in the background story, there should be plenty of both for you to enjoy.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you are Henry. Your parents have been murdered, and it’s time to deliver some medieval revenge in the Holy Roman Empire.¬†Whether that’s with a sword or some other method is up to you. It’s an open world RPG, so you can choose how to deliver a fitting end to the people who wronged you. Everything has consequences, so you can also expect for those choices to come back to haunt you.

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With a world full of castles and lands to explore and weapons and skills to acquire, it looks like Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be the best way to experience Medieval times without being afflicted by a plague or using leeches to treat it.

We’ll know for sure when it avenges its way onto the PS4 on February 13th.

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