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Live the Good Life in My Time At Portia

A new trailer for My Time At Portia shows all the activities you will be able to try when the game arrives in both physical and digital versions next month. Inspired by games such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, you start in the town of Portia to rebuild your Pa’s workshop. Pa left it in disrepair, but he did leave you a handbook and workbench with guidance on how to make it great again.

Spoilers: it’s hard work. Thanks, Pa.¬†Crafting will require materials. That includes mining and gathering. Along with crafting new materials, you will need to build as your abilities allow. All that effort works up an appetite, so you can plant crops to keep you fed. Raising animals seems to be part of the job too, and you can ride what looks like a llama in the trailer.

When it’s time for a break, you can meet the other residents in the town. With your can-do attitude, they will probably have jobs for you to complete. The press release I have says that you will uncover mysteries that “this charming post-apocalyptic land has forgotten”. Is there a scary undertone to the cute visual style? That would certainly be a twist, but, with an E10 ESRB rating, it looks like it will stay pretty mild. I think that’s why these types of games are popular, so that’s a good thing.

If you want to pre-order the game, you will receive a Housewarming Gift Set. It will pack a new outfit with a jacket and ripped jeans, exclusive furniture, consumable food items, and 500 Gols of in-game currency. The price is $29.99, and you can start your own trip to the quiet town of Portia on April 16th.

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